Lessons From WannaCry & How To Build Towards a Secure Future
Webinar Thursday, June 1st, at 11 AM EDT

WannaCry attacked 300,000 machines across 100+ countries on May 12th. The fallout has been massive, prompting companies across the globe to take stock of their security infrastructure and think hard about the motivations of the attackers. They are professionals with resources, who will continue to adapt and get better.

Join our webinar to hear Cybereason’s Chief Product Officer, and former CISO and CTO of Arbor, discuss the different types of attackers traversing the web and how their mindset and philosophies are evolving to become more agile and resilient. You will hear Sam’s vision for security in 2018, and where he thinks companies should be investing their time, energy and dollars.


You will also see a brief overview of Cybereason’s EDR platform (which stopped Wannacry), and qualify for an exclusive offer reserved only for registrants of this webinar: up to 90 days free of Cybereason.


    Sam Curry, Chief Product Officer

     Blaine Connaughton, Sales Engineer


You can register here: https://www2.cybereason.com/defending-against-the-next-major-attack?utm_source=cybereason&utm_medium=email-invite&utm_campaign=defending-against-the-next-attack

Enjoy 🙂


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